NATEK understands its customer’s business environments, cost reduction issues and IT outsourcing challenges

NATEK IT Outsourcing Services in Europe are the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to implement your IT projects - without getting delayed by hiring a team of developers, establishing infrastructure and finding the resources you need to achieve your strategic goals.

NATEK is a 350-people strong IT outsourcing company operating in Central Europe via 10 offices in 5 countries, providing IT outsourcing in Central Europe in the following countries:

  • IT outsourcing Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • IT outsourcing Prague, Czech Republic
  • IT outsourcing Warsaw, Poland
  • IT outsourcing Sofia, Bulgaria

With over 10 years of experience, we can guarantee that all projects will be completed on time and budget and will be executed with the highest possible level of quality and expertise.

NATEK delivery in CEE provides a contracted team within the same time zone as Europe. CEE delivery also allows for much lower Total Cost of Engagement than Western countries.

NATEK places great value in adapting to the needs and visions of its clients by understanding the client’s business environment and adhering to their specific requests.

IT Outsourcing Services in Europe

  • Deployment Services - Successfully deploy IT outsourcing - new solutions or applications on a local, regional or global scale by receiving expert assistance. With many international projects completed we can prove our skills.

  • Development Services - For meeting highly specific requirements, building a custom application is often the way to go. Application development from NATEK helps you soar past competitors by accelerating development and enabling innovation. We will identify your needs, pick the best technologies, and use the leading project management processes to ensure successful completion of your project.

  • System/Network Administration - Transfer your IT processes to one of NATEK’s production sites.

  • Software Testing – Experienced QA teams watch over your products and can ensure detailed functionality and quality assurance.

NATEK Nearshoring - IT Outsourcing to Central Europe

Nearshoring IT services in Europe offers the cost benefits of offshoring without the challenges of offshoring. NATEK Nearshoring provides software development, maintenance and support capabilities from Central European locations, allowing a number of benefits to traditional offshoring:

Same Time zone:
A critical element in most engagements where interaction is a must, increasing productivity and communication.

Geographic proximity:
Recognising the need for periodic face-to-face interaction with internal or external clients, project management, as well as the cost involved.

Immigration advantages:
When outsourcing to Central Europe, there is an advantage of the free travel arrangements that allow CEE professionals to travel and work within the EU for extended periods of time. For projects that require a mix of onshore and nearshore combination, this flexibility is critical.

Data Privacy and Intellectual Property Protection:
Working within the EU provides for increased protection of data protection and intellectual property rights. This is a critical component when sensitive proprietary information is shared as part of a nearshore engagement.

Cultural Affinity:
IT professionals in EU countries, normally have strong English skills, but language is not the only item to consider. Countries with an extensive border with another and a shared history, have strong culture affinities. This allows for building the necessary empathy to successfully collaborate on complex projects.

Cost Advantage:
This is the ultimate compelling reason to move forward with the nearshore model. The price per day rate differential is still apparent between Western and Eastern Europe. However the additional cost savings gained by cultural, geographic and time zone proximity which allows for more interaction and understanding with project management, the true cost savings are even greater.


  • Software Developers: Android, C#, HTML/CSS, iOS, Java, JavaScript, .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • ERP: ABAP, SAP Netweaver, SAPBC, Oracle
  • Application: Network/Security/San Cisco, IBM, Nortel, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix (Aix, Hp-Ux, Solaris)
  • Database: Oracle, Db2, Sybase, SQL

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