In NATEK, the biggest value are the people. The recruitment process is designed to maximize our knowledge about each person – his or her skills, knowledge, potential and current situation. This knowledge enables us to improve employees‘ career development and offer suitable interesting positions. We are focusing our activities on building long-term relationships with our candidates in order to come back to them in a perfect moment. This assures that each person/candidate/employee can maximally benefit from his or her subsequent career.

During the recruitment process, NATEK puts big emphasis on technical skills but also personality. We love what we do and we are looking for candidates who are passionate about their jobs, who want to constantly improve their skills and take the most advantage of their work. We are aware people spend most of their lives at work, so we want to make sure our team and candidates will become good partners, enjoying the collaboration.


What Are the Recruitment Process Steps?

Recruitment process consists of 5 simple steps:

  1. An interview with NATEK Sourcing Consultant and Manager
  2. Technical test/interview (this is applicable to chosen vacancies)
  3. Technical interview with customer's Hiring Manager and Direct Supervisor
  4. Job offer – employment offer letter
  5. On-boarding support (Visa process, relocation support, signing the contract)


How Much Time Does it Take?

The recruitment process takes from a few days up to 2 weeks. It depends on each candidate's and manager's availability. Usually, there are 1-2 days between one step and the next one. During this period the candidate is updated and given support regarding what he/she could expect. We make an effort to simplify the recruitment process, make it as flexible, smooth and enjoyable as possible. At the end of a day, it should be beneficial for all sides.


Where Shall I Learn about the Next Steps?

There are 2 sources:

  1. Throughout all recruitment process' steps, candidates are supported and informed by the sourcing consultant and manager, who are responsible for collaboration with the customer. Those then deliver feedback and knowledge about the current development of the process after each of its steps.
  2. Being our candidate, you could create your own account on our website, apply for an interesting position and follow your recruitment process on a profile designed specially for you.


What in Case I Cannot Find an Interesting Job in Current Vacancies?

You can write directly to our sourcer or you can create your NATEK profile and leave your CV there. Then, it will become visible to all members of the sourcing team. Recruiters can consequently come back to you as soon as an interesting and suitable position appears.


What Kind of Documents are Required?

Usually, we require only a CV written in English, as we try to make it as simple as possible.


When I will receive feedback?

Keep calm and trust your recruiter!

Depending on the recruitment process’ steps, you will receive feedback as soon as possible. We are try not to ever exceed the period of 2 weeks. Remember that you can ask about it at any moment during the process yourself.

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