There is nothing as beneficial as contact with another human being, especially in terms of decisions about future career. We understand that sometimes the best way to change your life is simply to talk with a professional recruiter. We are ready to answer your questions regarding jobs in NATEK. Contact us:


Iga Przybylowska

Sourcing Team Leader

"Every big journey begins with the first step. If you feel it is time for you to look for a new job, I will help you in this process. In NATEK, we are not only offering you projects for the biggest IT brands, we know we have a real impact on your professional growth and sometimes on your whole life. I will be more than happy to present you the best job offers suitable to your profile and discuss what we can offer."


Magdalena Skorek

Sourcing Team Leader

"For us, as the team, the most important thing is satisfaction of our candidates and consultants. We do our best, on individual and group level, to develop continuously our skills and competences. As candidates’ expectations are crucial for us we put lots of attention to fulfill them. We engage in our work in 100% and it makes us really happy."



Veronika Mišíková

Sourcing Manager

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found your dream job yet, NATEK is the right choice to help you with it. Individual treatment, personal support and professional approach led us to hundreds of satisfied consultants in different European countries. I will gladly find you a suitable job role according to your profile and requirements so do not hesitate to contact me anytime."


Katarína Šorejs

Sourcing Team Leader

"At NATEK, we treat every candidate individually. To us, people are not merely numbers to be met, but an opportunity to create well-functioning teams full of friendly cooperating people who get along greatly not only with NATEK or our clients, but most importantly each other. If our open positions suit your experiences and interests, feel free to contact me via email or add me on LinkedIn or Goldenline."



Kinga Przezdziecka

Sourcing Team Leader

"Although NATEK has branches in many countries and employs hundreds of people, we are not a corporation, each of us is treated individually. We have a real impact on the development and shaping of the individual branches, what puts a lot of positive energy, which thanks to our pervasive sense of humor never disappears. We gladly answer your questions in terms of both specific projects as well as development possibilities with us, welcome!"


Jana Kružliaková

Sourcing Team Leader

"On daily basis we are dedicating our work to find the best professional fit for our candidates. Professional and tailor-made approach is the key aspect of our added-value career consultancy. No matter if we speak to young IT graduates or senior specialists, their growth and further development is our priority. NATEK teams are here to listen closely to your aspirations and gladly be inspired by your story."                            



Jolanta Saniuk

Sourcing Team Leader

"Building strong candidate relationships, focused on support and advice throughout the recruitment process is my main focus. Joining our team, you will be part of a vibrant, global company with an entrepreneurial heart and shared passion for innovation and technology."

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